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In the wake of the recent bankruptcy filing by SmileDirectClub for voluntary protection under Chapter 11, a dialogue has opened up in the industry about the efficacy of using online aligner companies.

Practitioners agree that the company proved one critical theory to be true – patients appreciate and will embrace avoiding office visits for aligner treatments. They prefer remote care that doesn’t complicate their daily lives.

In Hand Dental absolutely believes in the value of teledentistry – but we are also strong advocates about the need for all dental patients, especially those who’ve invested in clear aligners – to regularly see an orthodontist in-person to ensure a proper bite and a healthy mouth.

Automatic vs. Human Care

What sets In Hand Dental apart from SmileDirectClub? The company relies heavily on auto-generated messaging and treatment protocols; even employing a a bot which summarizes patient and customer service interactions and directs agents to make treatment adjustments if needed.

In contrast, the In Hand Dental app is based on human interaction with the orthodontist or clinician overseeing the patient’s case. Helping someone through their aligner journey is not a cookie cutter process. Every case proceeds differently, so each treatment protocol must as well. A bot cannot foresee many of the pitfalls that may arise.

From our perspective, the issue lies not with the use of teledentistry in the clear aligner process, but with the fact that patients don’t have the ongoing attention of practitioner or the opportunity for in-office exams (when needed) as they do with orthodontists and dentists who utilize the In Hand Dental app as a convenient adjunct option for their patients.

Remote Monitoring Continues to Have Exceptional Aligner Patient Appeal

Despite the recent SmileDirectClub news, aligner patients remain extremely positive and supportive about remote monitoring. They love the convenience of communicating with their practitioner from a mobile phone. 

As for you, the orthodontist or dentist, it’s worth noting that In Hand Dental’s data shows that treatment plan close rates significantly increase when remote monitoring is offered in conjunction with the close and regular attention of the doctor’s office. Very simply, adding the option of In Hand Dental practically guarantees an increase in your aligner caseload.

In Hand Dental is the Affordable, High-Quality Treatment Choice

Remote monitoring is here to stay. And In Hand Dental’s proprietary platform has proven time and again to not only be highly effective for patient care, but also superior at promoting practice growth at an affordable cost, all while being HIPAA-compliant and a great tool for managing schedules and chair time.

If you’d like to learn more about how the In Hand Dental app can be transformative for both your practice and your patients, get in touch today and book a free, 30-minute private demonstration.

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