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Management When you take the time to define your core values and live by them, decision-making becomes extremely easy. You don't have to push your team forward. The mission, vision and values pull them in the right direction.
Selling a Dental Practice: The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Valuation For years, dental restorations, oral surgery and cosmetic enhancements have filled your days. Now, you're thinking about selling your dental practice. You're ready to replace your explorers and radiographs with adventures and time in the sun. You're not the only one, either. Research shows that an average of 5,100 dentist openings are expected to crop up every year between 2021 and 2031. This can be attributed to retirements or doctors transitioning to part-time work as they look for prospective buyers or partners. Before you begin the process of selling a dental practice, though, focus on increasing its valuation. Here's a…
selling a dental practice
7 Dental Practice Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them In 2022, there are 178,867 dental businesses in the US. That means the competition is through the roof. If you aren't managing your dental business properly, you will lose patients. Avoiding common dental practice management mistakes can save your business. It can also help retain existing patients and increase new ones. With that in mind, here are seven common pitfalls to avoid. 1. Neglecting a Superior Patient Experience Customers who had a negative experience with your dental clinic are less likely to return. The cost of replacing them is far greater than retaining existing patients. Here are five strategies to…
dental practice management mistakes
Structured Procrastination. In his excellent book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King addresses the phenomenon of writer’s block. He says, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” I agree. I’ve written thousands of pages of content, spread across ten published books, scores of special reports, articles and hundreds of marketing, management and leadership programs for dentists and orthodontists, several of which have been translated into at least five languages, that I know of. And, I can attest that a lot of it has typographical and grammatical errors. Some of it…
Marketing How often you help others and how often you solve their problems are in direct proportion to how often your bank account doubles. Marketing and advertising are two of the fastest ways to help more people solve their problems.
Around They Go. Smile Direct Club Pivots (Again). On February 13, Smile Direct Club announced the launch of its new premium aligner treatment, CarePlus. Patients can choose this treatment at select Partner Network dentist locations and receive a combination of in-person and virtual care. The firm promises concierge-level care from SDCs network of licensed dentists, orthodontists, hygienists and dental assistants. The cost is $3,900 in full or $115 monthly extended payment plan. On this week's quarterly earnings call, the leadership team was all-in on this hybrid level of care. Combined with SmileMaker technology, a mobile scanning app for 3D treatment planning which has been beta tested in Australia…
Orthodontic office treatment
8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Dental Practice The average person has an attention span of about 8.25 seconds; that's just enough time to grab someone's attention through social media marketing. Social media is the perfect avenue to highlight your business. Most people get their news and follow trends through various social media channels. Creating social media pages for your dental practice can have many positive benefits, like growing your practice and increasing awareness.  If you're thinking about using social media platforms to help boost your business, read our best reasons to stop hesitating and start today.  1. Attract New Patients The best thing about social media is that it…
social media marketing
Orthodontic Marketing: An In-Depth Guide to Doing It Well Focus on orthodontic marketing to increase your patient base and grow your business. Marketing is an essential part of any practice’s success and should be well-planned and executed. Here are some tips to help you create and deploy effective orthodontic marketing. Dental Professionals Need to Level Up Now more than ever dental professionals need to market themselves by growing their channels. Effective marketing can use traditional forms of advertising like TV commercials and newspaper ads as well as new digital strategies like social media marketing campaigns. As a leader in this industry, you also need to sell the high standards you…
orthodontic marketing
Leadership If you want your employees to take more ownership, ask them to co-sign your next bank loan with you. When you've come to your senses and had a good laugh, get back to shouldering your responsibility to lead the business. You can only abdicate ownership and leadership if you want to work for someone else.
How to Improve Your Business With Dental Practice Leadership 75% of employees say that clear communication is the most important quality of a leader. This one principle makes workplaces more harmonious and productive, regardless of the industry. But setting the goal of communicating clearly is not enough to change your practice. Leadership principles are a good starting point for improving your business. But enacting real change takes more. All businesses, including dental practices, need processes that make these principles happen. What steps can you take to change your dental practice leadership? How can you ensure that doing so improves your business? Read on for our brief guide to changing…
practice leadership
10 Important Leadership Principles for Dental Offices As of 2021, there are an estimated 187,000 dental offices in the United States. You've worked hard to make your dental practice a reality, but running a professional practice comes with many challenges. You must blend dental know-how with business skills . Like any organization, this means having an efficient team to help carry out your vision and serve your patients. To have the best possible dental office, you will need to understand and deploy consistent leadership principles. To learn more about leadership and management techniques you can use to serve your patients and employees with excellence, keep reading below for the…
leadership practices
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