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From marketing and management to leadership and core values, our books bring the best ideas in professional practice growth and development to readers around the world.

Learn more about Dustin's books below and download his recommended books of the year (PDF).

50 Must-Read Books To Grow Your Orthodontics Practice

by Dr. Burleson

If you're curious what some of the "best" books are to grow your practice but disappointed by the latest best sellers that cover the same trends, this is a list of 50 classics for personal and business development. You'll enjoy a brief synopsis of each book and how it relates to marketing, management or leadership. The overview provided will give you enough background to see if you might enjoy the entire text and serves as a great refresher if you've already read the book. This is one of Dr. Burleson's highly recommended books to add to your professional development library.

The Ortho Manifesto

by Dr. Burleson

This book is a great kick in the pants to get you thinking and motivated to achieve your goals professionally and personally. It has helped countless orthodontists not only re-engage with existing goals, but also create new ones based on the concepts inside the book. Doctors love how the book is broken down into daily snippets that are manageable and weekly themes to keep readers on track without being overwhelmed. Even if you've read other books by Dr. Burleson, this one is unique because it covers a wide range of topics that can be implemented immediately.

Own It: The Smart Orthodontist's Guide To Standing Out In a Crowded Market

by Dr. Burleson

In one of Dr. Burleson's most thought-provoking books, readers will examine what they must "own" in their business in order to make it soar to new heights. Doctors often think they need to be great at every aspect of the business, but this book explains how "owning" just one area in the business can result in exponential growth. If you are interested in growing your business to the next level, grab a copy of this book and thoroughly digest the lessons. It's impossible to read this book and not have pages and pages of practice-boosting pearls written in the margins.

Smiles Change Lives

by Dr. Burleson

In this book, Tom Brown and Dustin Burleson show the many benefits of treating patients through the Smiles Change Lives program. Readers will discover how to focus on the big picture and why providing treatment to Smiles Change Lives patients not only helps the patient, but also has a significant positive impact on employees, communities, orthodontic practices and providers. The section on Living In Abundance is a powerful reminder that most of our limitations are self-imposed. Dustin and Tom inspire readers to open their minds about the true purpose of their practices and to focus on their calling in life, not just their careers.

The Truth About Referrals From Patients & Dentists

by Dr. Burleson

In Dr. Burleson's most popular and best-selling book, readers receive a treasure chest of great advice, creative ideas, and action items which will help create an outstanding referral program for your orthodontic practice. Doctors report they have read through the book multiple times and continue to pick up tips that they have either forgotten or didn't implement after the first read. This book has great ideas that can be used the very next day.

The Ultimate Success Secret

by Dr. Burleson

Discover the principles and strategies that quickly and consistently produce top-line and bottom-line growth for private practice owners, as shared by Dan Kennedy and Dr. Dustin Burleson, creators of The Excellence in Orthodontics organization and consultants to many of the largest and most-successful dental and orthodontic practices in North America.

Success Stories

The main thing is I feel like I have control over my practice and my destiny. Burleson Seminars has changed my mindset on how to approach the business of orthodontics. — Dr. Rajia Sabbahi

It’s been great. I’ve actually grown my practice from1.8 million to almost 3 millions dollars now. — Dr. Ronald Barnett

I wanted to have a great practice that was well run with people in place who are well trained. The more I got involved with Burleson Seminars, the more those things started to come to fruition. — Dr. Dustin Coles

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