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The most successful entrepreneurs are not in competition with others. The top 1% understand the player opposite them is time.

There will always be someone earning more money than us, running faster, growing bigger. This is no great tragedy. Instead of getting trapped in a competitive cycle of fear, complacency or jealousy, we must commit to being the best at getting better.

This directs our focus and forces us to take action. Mediocre entrepreneurs meditate. Successful entrepreneurs move.

Write this down: Movement over meditation. If you’re always rehearsing, you’re really doing nothing.

When we’re too focused on short-term results and beating the competition in small battles, we erroneously overestimate what we can get done in a month or a quarter and we risk losing the long game.

However, when we focus on getting a little bit better each day, it is overwhelming what we can accomplish in 10–20 years.

In this month’s Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Program, I share a link to Dorie Clark’s 15 point assessment from her book, The Long Game.

Recommended To-Do:

Download my interview with Dorie then sit down with your morning coffee or tea and think about how you can be more strategic in the long run and less reactive in the short run.

  • How might you make more moves and fewer announcements?

  • What would it look like if you stopped rehearsing and starting moving?

  • What would be your first move?

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