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The world of digital information marketing is growing rapidly. This suggests that more and more businesses are stepping up their marketing to the 21st century.

A new world of advertising is coming for every industry. Dental and orthodontic practices included.

That insight opens the door for several questions. How does marketing function in the dental industry? Is it different from other forms of marketing campaigns? What strategies deliver the best results? 

Continue reading for more information and actionable steps to support more effective marketing.

Focus on Web Design 

To succeed in the 2020s, you'll need to treat your website's front page as your new front door. Many people will discover your practice through your website, so it can't just be an accessory. It needs to make an excellent first impression.

First of all, focus on the function. A quick, seamless, easy-to-navigate website creates a positive experience for visitors. Meanwhile, the opposite results in visitors leaving your website for other, better-constructed pages.

Next, ensure your website operates as a tool for your business. Offer helpful blog posts, links to your products, and up-to-date contact information. 

Finally, your website should establish credibility. One way to do this is by having a website with a contemporary design that clearly communicates quality, relevant information. A website that looks like it was created fifteen years ago gives the impression of an earlier, buggier, more scammy version of the internet.

Invest in SEO 

SEO or search engine optimization is a passive way to advertise. Plus, it’s optimal for the 21st century. 

To strengthen your business’s priority in search engine results, design website content relevant to your industry and your customers. The higher you rank in the search results, the more people will find you. After all, only 25 percent of people make it to the second page of search engine results.

Utilizing keyword research is one of the most prominent ways to promote your SEO content. This offers insight into what phrases people use to find your business's goods and services.

Then, add those phrases or keywords to your marketing content. This increases the likelihood of appearing in the search results of those phrases. 

However, SEO can be even simpler than that. Your SEO ranking increases if people spend more time on your website and decreases if they spend less. Producing quality, engaging content increases your ranking naturally. 

Providing value to your readers is key. Don't focus on the SEO itself. 

This blog post on structured procrastination is a great example of offering valuable, relevant content to potential customers. In return, they often reciprocate the favor with their business. 

Promote Reviews

In the internet age, the typical patient has more dental practices available than ever. To gain a non-dentist perspective and experience of your practice, they’ll rely on reviews available online. 

It’s vital to allow your patients to write reviews on review-based websites or even directly on your company's page. Initially, this could seem scary. After all, the internet is a vast ocean of content won't this open you up to criticism from anyone? 

Usually, it doesn't work like that. People review honest reviews about their experiences because they hope others will do the same. Positive reviews reassure potential patients they can trust your practice, your expertise, or your services. 

Ask pleased customers to leave reviews on your website to ensure your reviews stay positive. Offer an incentive, and you'll see your positive online reviews increase. Then, add the reviews as testimonials to the home page of your website. You can also respond to these positive reviews with keywords and increase your SEO content. 

When you opt-in to the world of digital marketing, you'll soon begin making new connections like this. 

Make Use of Video Content

In the 2020s, we live in a visual culture. A well-framed image can tell a lot about your company and elicits a response from viewers.

Video content is the most useful asset in a marketing campaign. Videos are not only more engaging, it’s the chosen medium of how people want to consume content online. Including video content on your website increases a visitor's time spent there, therefore increasing your SEO ranking. Use your SEO keywords in the video description, video titles, and video description to increase traffic flow to your website.

Follow Up with Existing Patients

At the end of the day, most marketing is remarketing. Across the board, a majority of business comes from repeat customers. This is especially true in the medical world as patients want to find a doctor they can trust for life.

Connect with your existing, or inactive, patients using email marketing. For example, send regular, goodwill messages or updates to ensure they’re doing well.

Trustworthy and proficient care providers remember their patients and communicate with a personal touch. Patients respond by returning to your practice and recommending their friends. 

Understand Dental Practice Marketing

Dental practice marketing aligns with other industries’ forms of marketing. However, there are two strategies medical businesses need to emphasize: Following up with inactive patients and utilizing reviews.

For more information on dental marketing, contact us today. 

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