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Progress vs. Perfection

Most people, particularly dentists and doctors, need way too much information and are paralyzed by and can’t move forward because of the misconception that they must wait until the time is perfect to move.

If you have 80% of the information you need to make a decision, you probably have enough and you should pull the trigger.

The key characteristic or defining hallmark of my decision making skill and the ability to navigate and move my company forward has been that I haven’t waited until the time seemed perfect, but instead I’ve waited until the time seems right and I probably have 80% of the information I need, compared to most other doctors waiting for 100%, which will never happen.

When moving forward and making progress, no matter what decision you make, there’s going to be criticism, challenges or things that you’ll be judged for doing or not doing that were seen as imperfect in someone else’s eyes, but if you can make progress, you can move forward. That’s the big idea and decision. 

It’s not a matter of what to do, you know what you should do. It’s not a matter of how to do it. It’s actually pretty easy to grow a business in terms of capital allocation and competing in any market with a good team and how to put your strategy to work on the playing field. 

It’s really a matter of when you do it.

Timing is critical. Most people wait and the opportunity passes them by.

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