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Dr. Alex Waldman


Show Notes:

Dr. Alex Waldman, a leading orthodontist, discusses the benefits of using virtual assistants (VAs) in orthodontic practices. He explains that VAs are real employees who work remotely and can help with various tasks, such as administrative work, scheduling, insurance coordination, and even clinical tasks like trimming digital models. Dr. Waldman emphasizes the importance of consistency in practice operations and patient communication, and how VAs can help ensure that important tasks and touchpoints are not overlooked. He also highlights the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of using VAs, as they can be trained to fit the specific needs of each practice. Dr. Waldman believes that VAs are a valuable resource for orthodontists to improve efficiency, provide better patient care, and maintain profitability in the digital age. You can learn more about Dr. Waldman and MyOrthoVA at

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