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Dr. David Phelps at Freedom Founders

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Meet Dr. Phelps

Who is Dr. David Phelps and why should you listen to him about your money?


David owned and managed a private practice dental office for over twenty-one years before his daughter’s health crisis served as a dramatic wakeup call in his life. David’s “Plan B” (a portfolio of cash-flow producing real estate assets) gave him the Freedom to sell his practice mid-career and focus 100% on what matters most to him. As a protege of Dan Kennedy, David is a renegade, he does not follow the majority but lives life and does business on his own terms and is not dictated to by others.

America's #1 Authority on Creating Freedom in Life and Business.

David is the author of 6 published business, finance and success books. As a nationally recognized keynote speaker, David brings dynamite energy and rare insights into how to create financial freedom through passive income, how to build a real business that doesn’t take over your life, anti-traditional real estate investing, private lending, wealth-building legacy, and how to take responsibility and “own” your life.


Sitting with his daughter in the hospital room after her battle with leukemia and a life-saving liver transplant, Dr. David Phelps realized what matters most. It was not his career as a dentist that had consumed his daily life for over twenty-one years. He needed to be present for his daughter Jenna.
He decided he would no longer practice dentistry. Instead, he developed his “Plan B.” He drew inspiration from his years of investing avidly in real estate that began in dental school with a joint-venture with his father. By leveraging the lessons and capital he had acquired, David built an investment portfolio that could generate enough passive income to leave his dental practice and be the father his daughter needed.


David’s radical new life intrigued his peers, who asked him how they too could command control of their wealth and time. By bringing together his two worlds—high-income medical professionals and real estate professionals—David created a powerful network of like-minded professionals who could support each other on their own paths to financial and personal freedom. He called this group Freedom Founders, and as its leader he found his purpose: helping his colleagues break the chains of enslavement to their practices and financial fears and create freedom in their lives. With his own life as proof, David challenges the traditional model of wealth building, which preaches abdicating control over one’s money to advisors and entrusting all of one’s investing capital to Wall Street.

David has witnessed too many high income professionals blindly trust the traditional path only to have their hard-earned wealth wiped out by the volatility of the public market. Through Freedom Founders, David exhorts his members to take back control of their investing capital from their practices and 401(k) plans, put it to work in more stable, capital producing assets like real estate, and always stay focused on their freedom.


Freedom Founders Mastermind Group began as a meeting of sixteen people over a decade ago and has grown into a community of over seventy members and Trusted Advisors, where his insights into the financial markets, alternative investing, as well as achieving success and fulfillment in life bring members from across the country. Speaking from his own experience, David strives to instill in his members the courage to lead lives unhindered by the expectations of others and driven by purpose. Following in his footsteps, Freedom Founders members attain the tools to become Free for Life: they can live entirely on the passive income from their real estate investments.


David has been featured in Advantage Forbes Books, The Profitable Dentist, Dental Success Today, The Progressive Orthodontist. He has been awarded the GKIC Marketer of the Year. David regularly collaborates with countless industry leaders including Dr Dustin Burleson, Dr David Maloley, Steven J Anderson, Scott Manning, Alastair Macdonald, Dr Scott Leune, Dr Annisa Holmes, Dr Christopher Phelps, and many others.
At his own events, he has shared the stage with Garrett Gunderson, Chuck Blakeman, Adam Witty, Tony Rubleski, Thomas Blackwell, and others.


David’s expertise in the world of real estate includes everything from multi-family apartments, self-storage, commercial properties, retail properties, single-family rentals, structured notes, private debt, managed funds and more. He has successfully weathered multiple market corrections - notably using the 2006-2008 downturn to successfully more than double his net worth.

He is regularly consulted in the creation and management of large multi-investor syndications and funds secured by real estate assets.

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