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Focus on orthodontic marketing to increase your patient base and grow your business. Marketing is an essential part of any practice’s success and should be well-planned and executed. Here are some tips to help you create and deploy effective orthodontic marketing.

Dental Professionals Need to Level Up

Now more than ever dental professionals need to market themselves by growing their channels. Effective marketing can use traditional forms of advertising like TV commercials and newspaper ads as well as new digital strategies like social media marketing campaigns.

As a leader in this industry, you also need to sell the high standards you implement by connecting with potential patients and communicating the value of your services to them.

Why Is Orthodontic Marketing Important?

You may be wondering, why is orthodontic marketing important. Isn't it enough to just open the door of your office and let people come in? Not really.

Unless you are a celebrity or have been featured on the cover of People magazine, there are a lot of other orthodontists out there competing for patients' attention.

Your first challenge is getting people to come into your practice. And when they do come in, you'll want them to become recurring patients. This can only happen if they trust your skills and expertise as an orthodontist.

You also need to convince them that what they will get from you--straight teeth--is worth their money (and time). Without marketing yourself well, even if several people walk into your clinic each week asking for treatment, there's no way you can turn those potential patients into paying customers unless something else happens first.

The patient must be convinced that he should go with YOU instead of another dentist. There are probably many providers in your town or city offering similar services at similar prices. Even if you're the only option in town, which is highly unlikely, patients can still choose to do nothing or to spend their elective income on a vacation or some other product or service.

Once someone says yes to treatment from you specifically (rather than another practitioner), it's up to you alone how quickly you can get him started on treatment so that he receives results within the desired time frame. 

How to Market Your Orthodontic Practice

First, remember marketing is a long-term strategy. It's not just about advertising and social media in the short term. It takes time to build trust with your target market. This is so they can learn more about you, visit your practice and become loyal patients over time.

Unity of purpose is important when marketing your practice. Your employees must understand your vision. You have to be about something bigger and more important than the fact that you like working on teeth and you want to make money. The marketplace rewards companies that have a compelling reason why they exist.

Marketing is not just about advertising and social media. It's also about building relationships.

For example, encourage word of mouth to appeal to potential patients. Invest in networking to build relationships with other professionals in the orthodontic world. Other types of marketing activities such as blogging, speaking at conferences, or writing articles for industry publications can also assist you. 

Strategic marketing attracts new, loyal patients. Wisely direct ad spend on ads targeted toward your ideal patient.

Identify Your Target Demographic

The first step in any successful marketing strategy is to understand who you’re trying to reach. Knowing your target audience’s needs and interests will help you craft effective messaging and choose the right marketing channels.

Consider what they want and how they want it. Do they value convenience? Perhaps they're willing to pay more for convenience than experience.

Or maybe quality is very important for them. This is regardless of price or inconvenience. Maybe speed is what matters most. Decide how you're going to give them exactly what they want in the way that most satisfies their needs and aligns with your core values, vision and objectives.

SEO for Orthodontists

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engine results. Search engines, like Google and Bing, use crawlers to find and index websites based on what they think users are most likely to want to see.

There are two main types of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page refers to the content on your website itself. Off-page focuses more on links pointing back to your site from other sites (such as directories and social media).

For the best results, both forms of SEO need to be optimized. Hire an expert or outsource this work if your current team does not have the skillset or time capacity.

Social Media for Orthodontists

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with potential patients, building your brand, and creating awareness for your practice. Develop a strong presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and use them to engage with your audience and promote your services.

This section covers why social media is important and how you can leverage it to increase your practice’s revenue. We’ll also discuss how orthodontists are already successfully using it (and where they aren't quite getting it right yet) so you can learn from their mistakes and avoid making them yourself.

Lead Generation for Orthodontists

One of the most important aspects of orthodontic marketing is lead generation. A lead is a potential patient who has shown interest in your practice. Leads can be generated through a variety of methods, such as social media and SEO (search engine optimization).

Lead generation including local lead generation is one of the most important aspects of marketing for orthodontists because it helps you grow your practice by turning your website visitors into patients. 

This process is called "conversion." You want leads who will turn into paying customers quickly so you can maximize response rates without wasting valuable resources on people who aren't interested at this point or might not have the budget for treatment.

How AI Can Help You Generate More Leads for Orthodontists

Leverage AI to generate more leads for your orthodontic practice.

First, AI can help you target your audience better. It uses data, such as people's age and gender. By targeting the right kind of people with ads, you can increase your website traffic and conversions.

Specific Needs

Ads tailed specifically toward the audience's needs and location have a higher conversion rate than generic, nationwide ads.

This results in more money spent appropriately—which means higher profits.

AI helps your practice grow faster. By using data about who is visiting your website and their activities (such as signing up for a consultation or ordering treatment), you can better understand what works best for your business—and what doesn't.

You can use this information to improve your marketing strategy and tailor it more closely to the needs of your audience, which leads us back to our first point: targeting the right kind of people with ads improves the search process for potential patients finding an orthodontist in their area.

The Future of Marketing for Orthodontists

As the world moves more and more toward digital, be ready to make a splash in the orthodontic marketing arena. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI will play a bigger role in the future of all businesses. You may already be using AI to manage your marketing efforts. If not, consider implementing it soon.

One benefit it offers over traditional methods of targeting patients is increased engagement.

The Social Media Domination Continues 

More people will use social media. People spend more time online than ever before. Their favorite way to interact with brands is through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn.

Develop a strong presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and use them to engage with your audience and promote your services

Your Orthodontic Practice Will Benefit From Having a Good Marketing Plan

A thriving business has a marketing plan. Here are a few reasons why.

First, a good marketing plan is essential to differentiate your position in the market.

A strong marketing plan provides clarity to the advertisements or promotions best for your practice to attract the type of new patients most likely to buy your products and servcies. It also includes tactics and strategies to appeal to existing patients and share the services offered at your dental practice and nurture the relationship, encouraging referrals and boosting retention.

An effective strategy establishes a timeline and plan for implementation. From website design to advertising there is alignment with its goals and objectives. This ensures money, time, and energy are effectively and efficiently invested.

Orthodontic Marketing Is Changing 

Orthodontic marketing can be a challenging but rewarding process. If you’re thoughtful and strategic about your approach, you’ll be able to reach the right people and communicate the value of your products and services.

The key to success is knowing which channels work best for your practice. This way you can spend more time doing what you love—caring for patients and leading your team.

For more on our seminars to grow your legacy and unlock the potential of orthodontic marketing, be sure to contact us today. 

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