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Your dental practice is booming thanks to word-of-mouth advertising, but now, you're ready to welcome even more new patients to your practice. You're ready to create a winning website. Unfortunately, many dental office websites fail to motivate their target audiences to take action -- like scheduling visits. They also tend to put their viewers to sleep rather than creating excitement or interest. Fortunately, you can outshine your competition through an effective website for your practice. Here's a rundown on how to design dental practice websites that lead to online business growth, so keep reading.

Staff Photos

The best business website design for dental practices includes employee photos. Upload pictures of your team as well as your office interior on your practice website. Get photos of your team interacting with actual patients.

Don't simply show empty photos of a dental clinic. People don't choose an office based on the walls, floors and furniture. They choose a practice where they can see themselves receiving exceptional care. They hire people not empty buildings, so be sure to show off your people (patients, employees, doctors) and highlight the culture and vibe of your clinic in the photos.

Before patients visit a dental office, they typically like to get a feel for the type of office they'll be going to. Likewise, they want to find out whom they will be visiting.

For this reason, showcasing your staff and yourself appropriately on your site is critical. As an example, you can share photos of the team celebrating one of the staff members' birthdays.

Your goal is to show that your employees like their jobs and like working at your office. Patients will therefore be more likely to feel they will be treated well at your office, too.

Also, don't worry if your photos aren't as picture-perfect as you think they should be. If you have a professional dental site layout combined with photos that are not very polished, this will show both your professional side and your authentic one. This may make you even more attractive to potential patients. 

Website Images

Some attractive dental practice website pages also feature high-resolution photos of natural scenery. This polished design can help you to convey your dental office's cosmetic approach.

Also, if possible, incorporate natural scenes from your local area into your website. For instance, consider adding shots from one of your local parks.

Your potential patients may recognize the park and associate it with feeling at peace. This is the same feeling you want your dental practice to be recognized for, so featuring the park on your website is a wise move.

Chat Feature and Online Scheduler

When designing a dental practice website, include a chat feature on the site as well. This is important because research shows that 75% of consumers prefer the live chat feature over other communication channels.

Some patients are anxious about making phone calls. Meanwhile, others don't have time to contact your office by phone.

The chat feature eliminates these obstacles and makes it easier for them to ask you questions about your office.

In addition, provide patients with an easy-to-use online schedule. In this way, they can more easily schedule appointments at their convenience. It also allows your team to operate more efficiently, as they won't spend as much time responding to calls from patients.

Testimonial Section

A top-tier dental or orthodontic practice website also features a section with patient testimonials.

Use the section to show positive online reviews you've received on Google or Facebook, for example. Also include testimonials you've received directly from patients. These positive reviews are a great way to gain prospective patients' trust.

If you need professional video testimonials with your patients sharing their authentic story of how your work has transformed their life, reach out to our video pro, Ron Sheetz, who produced all of the staging, sets and videos for Excellence in Orthodontics.

Dental Care Blog Section

Include a blog section as well on your dental office website. This blog can offer insights into the various dental procedures that you perform and the services you provide.

A blog demonstrates to site visitors that you possess strong dental field knowledge. This will automatically make you appear trustworthy.

In addition, regularly writing content about dentistry helps your website achieve higher rankings in search engines. When users search for keywords or phrases about your dental services, your practice shows higher in the results.

Strong Calls to Action

A well-designed dental office website includes solid calls to action, or CTAs. A CTA tells users what action they should take after visiting your site. Each page on your website should feature a straightforward CTA.

CTA examples include "Schedule a Visit Now" or "Call for More Information." These types of CTAs can easily improve your website conversions.


Finally, high-quality dental office websites also contain multimedia. These include animations and videos, for example.

Multimedia helps to improve the user experience and capture the user's interest. They can also evoke emotions.

For instance, videos of patients smiling can make users feel like smiling, too. They may then feel more confident about visiting your office.

When uploading videos to your site's homepage, limit them to only a few seconds long. You can loop them every 10 seconds.

Shorter videos are better than longer ones because they load more quickly. In addition, longer videos may negatively impact your page rankings. 

How We Can Help Those Seeking to Design Dental Practice Websites

You can design dental practice websites that get results by including captivating images and multimedia on these sites. Your dental practice website should also include testimonials and blogs to engage your audience. Be sure to user test your website. You'll never know how the website performs and helps new patients schedule an appointment until you test it.

At Burleson Seminars, we maintain a track record of success in helping dentists, doctors, and more to grow their businesses through effective digital marketing. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you to take your dental practice to the next level.

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