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While there are almost 2 billion websites on the internet, less than 200 million of them are active. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to make your dental website stand out while competing for attention in the digital world. 

That's why investing time and energy into understanding Enhanced Authority Tactics (EAT) SEO is a must - this more specialized approach to ordinary search engine optimization offers value that goes beyond basic visibility so that you'll rise above the competition while bolstering trust and credibility among potential patients.

But what is it, and where should you start? Keep reading and learn more about how EAT SEO can help you with your orthodontic marketing.

Understanding the ā€œEā€ in EAT SEO

EAT is an acronym that stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These three factors are very important for your growing business website. If you research how to grow your dental practice, these three factors will come up. EAT SEO is one of the most effective dental practice resources you can use to grow your site. 

With so much competition in today's dental market, it is essential to have a marketing strategy that differentiates you from the rest. SEO plays an integral role here and having expertise at your disposal allows potential patients to see just how experienced you are as a dentist and increases their trust when deciding who they should go for treatment.

Showing off years of deep knowledge within this field boosts confidence that prospects can depend on quality care with significant results - ultimately driving their choice in the dentist they choose for treatment.

This is why more experienced dentists often get a steadier stream of new patients compared to less experienced dentists.

The Details

If you have several years of experience in your field, show this in your content. 

When you create content for your website, explain why you are a good figure to trust. If you're a dentist, you're naturally going to create very informative dental content because you know all about the subject.

You also have to consider what kind of content you will be creating for your website. It is expected that most of it will be related to your dental practice and dental treatments. But you should be wary of creating content for treatments that you might not have much experience with. 

If you are a general dentist, you might not have much orthodontic experience. It wouldn't make much sense to create content about orthodontics if you don't have much experience in this area. Your expertise level would go down, and your website's SEO might not be as good. 

You should also be wary of creating content relating to new dental technology that you might not know much about. As long as you create content surrounding information you are well-versed in, you shouldn't have any problems. 

Authority in EAT SEO

Authority involves your website's reputation and how it is perceived by the Google algorithm. The algorithm prefers to promote authoritative websites. This is because they are seen as more reputable and informative.

The more authoritative your content is, the higher it will rank on Google and other search engines. Your content might end up on Google's first page, where it will be easy for everyone to see it. This is much better than having your content land on the 10th page, where next to no one will see it. 

You can increase your website's authority in different ways. Starting with link building is essential.

Internal links help Google understand your content and promote it, while external links bring people to your site from another source.

Backlinks can be even more powerful for authority as they are placed externally but linked back to you - although these take a bit more effort since other sites must accept them first. Ultimately, having good quality inbound linking will associate your website with reputable sources that provide traffic or visibility opportunities which facilitates higher rankings within search engines.

Gaining Google's favor is key to boosting your website visibility. To make sure you're on the right path, factor in user intent when optimizing - considering what a searcher wants and needs from their query helps create content that resonates with them and ranks higher.

What You Need to Know

Having an authoritative website that answers questions related to dental care can be a key factor in boosting your overall visibility online. Consider what queries prospects may have about their oral health, and make sure you provide the right solutions ā€“ no matter how detailed or specific those needs are. Investing the time into doing this will help set you apart from other practices, as well as gain more trust among patients searching for valuable information on important topics such as toothaches and cleanings.

It's important to note how much time people spend on your website pages - a short visit length might indicate that something is amiss. There could be multiple factors at work: slow loading times, an unappealing aesthetic, or a lack of useful content can all deter internet users from staying longer. By evaluating the existing pages and making improvements as needed, you can maximize user engagement on your website and build a strong brand. 

With the right strategy in place to deepen familiarity with what makes your dental practice special, people will remain connected longer than ever before.

How is your brand different from any other dental practice brand? Once you establish yourself as a brand, you will become more authoritative. The more authoritative your practice becomes, the more traffic it will receive.  

What Is Trustworthiness in EAT SEO?

The trustworthiness of your dental practice is an important factor in attracting new customers. Trustworthiness is reflected in many different factors on your website. 

With a website tailored to make visitors feel comfortable and confident, you can demonstrate that yours is the right dentist for them. From building relationships through content to ensuring safety with payment systems; establishing credibility helps create peace of mind so patients know they're getting quality care from qualified professionals.

Factors like website transparency in terms of contact information and customer reviews are key to developing a trustworthy presence on the web. The Google algorithm pays attention to these factors, so make sure your information is listed correctly with up-to-date details. By doing this, you can increase trustworthiness which will lead to enhanced visibility online.

How It Works

Maintaining a good reputation is essential to the success of any dental practice, especially when negative reviews start appearing online. Even one bad review can turn away potential customers who are more likely to go with another dentist that has mostly positive feedback.

To ensure your trustworthiness remains intact and you don't get stuck in an unfortunate situation like this, take care of how you treat patients and include accurate content on your website - it's key for Google promoting it too.

All About EAT SEO

When it comes to boosting the success of your dental practice, prioritize EAT SEO. This involves developing expertise in the field of dentistry, establishing yourself as an authority figure within it, and building trust with potential customers. Showcasing these qualities will unlock a new level of growth for your practice.

This allows you to achieve your most prominent goals. Are you ready to learn more about dental practice marketing? Check out how our resources can help

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