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Have you ever wondered how airlines manage to post record profits year after year, despite fierce competition and rising costs? The answer lies in their approach to setting fees. Traditionally, fees were viewed as a necessary evil, an additional cost burden for passengers. But what if we flipped the script and saw fees as a strategic tool for success? The airline industry has mastered this art, and there’s something valuable we can learn from their playbook. Think about it. When you book a flight, the base fare may seem reasonable, but it’s the additional fees that start to add up:…

Marketing your dental practice successfully involves knowing when an expert can help. Here are the benefits of hiring a dental marketing consultant.

No man is an island… and no dental practice is either! Check out these dental practice resources that can help bring your practice to the next level!

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I’m often asked “What’s the one thing I can do to attract more new patients to my practice?” and my answer is always the same: there is no one thing. I don’t know one way to attract 300 new patients per month to your practice. I know 300 ways to attract one patient and I recommend embracing all of them. If this sounds overwhelming, no one said private practice was going to be easy. This is business, not a cake walk. Dentists and orthodontists can attract 25-50 new patients per month without trying. Based on patient churn due to relocation,…

Bringing more attention to your dental practice online requires the right strategy. Here is the complete guide to web marketing for dentists.

The right practice leadership can create a culture that employees and patients will appreciate. Use these tips to improve your dental practice.

One of our top members at Burleson Seminars recently asked me if I had a “bulletproof checklist” for dental and orthodontic marketing campaigns. I’ve probably given a dozen lectures on the topic around the world so my answer was, “Sure! Let me see what I can find.” I jumped down the Dropbox rabbit hole, looking for the key principles from a handful of lectures and seminar programs. At the end of the day, I found twelve “laws” of direct response marketing. Does this mean there are only twelve? Of course not. Dare I suggest you must consider my strategies and…

If you are looking for ways to grow your dental practice, this guide can help. Here is everything to know about how to get more patients for your practice.

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