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Leverage the Power of Marketing Automation

Finally! A Reliable & Proven System to Use as an Unfair Advantage to Almost Effortlessly “Put Your New Patient Process and Patient Referral Systems on Auto-Pilot”

To: Anyone looking for a foolproof way to increase new patients and practice profits Peter Drucker once suggested “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” To create growth, increase new patients in your practice and protect against an unpredictable economy… like many other principles, it’s much easier said than done. Most doctors NEVER figure it out.

In reality, it’s much worse than that. To be brutally honest, it’s a BIG PROBLEM for most doctors and practice owners. First, way too many doctors make the false assumption that maintaining their current level of new patients and production will be adequate in the future… but that’s a different problem.

Let me ask you a question:

What Are You Doing Today That Will Guarantee a Successful Future for Your Practice?
That’s the problem… you’re busy treating patients, managing staff members, dealing with vendors… running a practice. You already know by now that your ability to focus on the future of your practice is almost impossible… ask me how I know. I’ve “been there and done that.” Working 6 days per week, 12-14 hours per day, beating my head against the wall trying to figure out a predictable system for attracting new patients and encouraging referrals from everyone else. You know your office provides great service and care to your patients, but do your patients share that information with everyone they know? Did 50% or more of your new patients last year come from direct patient-to patient referral? If not, your practice probably looks a lot like mine did. Completely inadequate. And every time your new patients fail to refer a friend or family member, more of your hard-earned marketing dollars are literally thrown away. It’s an all too common occurrence and it applies to EVERY doctor’s office I work with… not just the offices who market ineffectively. These days, you’ve got to be concerned about…
… Competing in an Overcrowded Marketplace with Prospective Patients who are Completely Overwhelmed with the Number of Marketing Messages They Receive on a Daily Basis…
Emails are increasingly being ignored (or deleted) before they’re opened… let alone read. And that’s only if you get through today’s over-aggressive spam filters. And being #1 on Google is pointless if you can’t keep the average website visitor on your page for more than 30 seconds. You’ve got to find a way to cut through the clutter.

It’s getting more difficult every day and there’s no end in sight. As soon as you find one method of marketing that works, your existing patients and prospective new patients seem to ignore it. Your Yellow Page ads and Patient Newsletters don’t seem to be working like they used to. Your front desk staff gives you conflicting reports about the effectiveness of new marketing strategies. You’ve heard about automated marketing systems but never met someone who actually got them to work. Basically,the mountain-sized challenge you face as a doctor and entrepreneur to grow the business while still focusing on exceptional patient care is too daunting and you’ve even considered retreat. It seems like the amount of effort to implement an automated marketing program is simply too intimidating.
And the problem isn’t going get any easier. As patients increasingly search for healthcare providers on-line and switch doctors “on a dime” due to insurance programs and on-line coupon sites, your patient referral base will continue to shrink. It’s one thing to compete with other doctors for new patients, but now you’re competing against Groupon and Insurance Companies. What strategy can a private-practice doctor use to  increase new patients and explode the number of referrals from existing patients?

Here’s the bottom line: Your patients have to be nurtured and communicated with on a consistent basis with messages that are highly-specific to them. You must get the right message to the right patient at the right time. In other words, you need a system to
continually gather new patients, increase the number of referrals from existing patients, and reactivate the ones who have “gone lost.”
If a system like this sounds complex, you’re right. It is. I’ve spent more than two years building, testing, refining, and re-testing our marketing system and I can tell you. It’s not easy to do what I’ve done. It has been a painfully expensive and slow process. Luckily, I’ve emerged on the other side of the mountainous challenge with good news. And here it is : the greater the complexity of the marketing system the less likely the competition is to replicate and deploy a similar system. That’s good news for the few who can stand out from the crowd. It’s really sad because the truth of the matter is that countless doctors could easily be creating fortunes following this proven, repeatable, practically “color-by-numbers” system… but NEVER discover it or use it to it’s full potential…

… are YOU one of them?

If you are, don’t worry because I have the solution. And the best part is that this solution
is so foolproof anyone with half a brain can follow it.

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