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Burleson Seminars offers several at-home study courses throughout the year. As a do-it-yourself option for smaller practices, courses and kits are sold to you with limited on-line and phone support. When you are ready to invest in private coaching, all of our products and services are offered with extensive live support with our coaches.

The Burleson Files – FREE

The Burleson Files – FREE

The Burleson Files are the notes, reading lists, articles, journals and general database that Dr. Burleson studies to produce the #1 Orthodontic Practice Marketing Newsletter. Published for hundreds of clients in over 7 countries, Dr. Burleson’s practice management and marketing content is derived from extensive study and dedication to the pertinent news and how it might affect your practice.

Dr. Burleson reads 4 newspapers daily, over 30 journals a month and has read a book each week for years. He publishes four newsletters each month and writes a consistent stream of articles and books for the orthodontic profession and patients. His exclusive content has been delivered to live audiences over 2,000 and his marketing campaigns have generated over $300 million for orthodontic practices all over the world.

Burleson Seminars coaching clients enjoy the benefit of the Burleson Files each month in territory-exclusive private consulting and proprietary marketing systems. Here you get a glimpse inside the world of Burleson Seminars and specifically what Dr. Burleson is reading to grow one of the largest orthodontic specialty practices in North America and one of the fastest-growing orthodontic consulting firms on the planet.

Price: FREE – Click Here to Visit TheBurlesonFiles.com