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Burleson Seminars offers several at-home study courses throughout the year. As a do-it-yourself option for smaller practices, courses and kits are sold to you with limited on-line and phone support. When you are ready to invest in private coaching, all of our products and services are offered with extensive live support with our coaches.

Marketing and Money-Making Swipe Files – $7,485

Marketing and Money-Making Swipe Files – $7,485

We’ve unlocked the door to the secrets behind our marketing and referral generation strategies. Like most of the concepts with teach, they are simple but most doctors family to implement them or realize their importance. This system includes step-by-step sequences for new patients, missed appointments, lost patients and those who presented treatment but didn’t return to your office to start. This is a market-area exclusive product so your competition will not be able to swipe this program!

For a video walkthrough of exactly how this system can boost your practice immediately, click here to watch the video with Dustin.

Price: $7,485