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Burleson Seminars offers several at-home study courses throughout the year. As a do-it-yourself option for smaller practices, courses and kits are sold to you with limited on-line and phone support. When you are ready to invest in private coaching, all of our products and services are offered with extensive live support with our coaches.

Book Licensing Program – $4,997 for one or $7,997 for two

Book Licensing Program – $4,997 for one or $7,997 for two

Discover the benefits of becoming a published co-author with Dr. Burleson’s Book Licensing Program. Position your practice differently and create a new patient “Shock and Awe” piece that increases case starts, patient referrals and interest from referring doctors. Your practice marketing strategy must include an arsenal of materials that make your office stand out in the pack. In an orchard of apples, you must be the lone orange. A book is the quickest way to the top of the pack and will help you become the trusted authority in your market. You will get access to: one or both of Dr. B’s books, video walk-throughs explaining the book-writing process and how to get your chapters done quickly plus bonus content on the instructional walkthrough on the most-effective marketing methods for your book.

Price: $4,997 for one

Price: $7,997 for two