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Burleson Seminars offers several at-home study courses throughout the year. As a do-it-yourself option for smaller practices, courses and kits are sold to you with limited on-line and phone support. When you are ready to invest in private coaching, all of our products and services are offered with extensive live support with our coaches.

Administrative Training System – $4,998

Administrative Training System –  $4,998

This system is for doctors, administrators, office managers and front desk employees who want to automate the training process and dramatically increase their front desk productivity. With over 200 pages of content from Dr. Burleson, you will discover how to build a roadmap for new employees to become “superstars” in your practice using your core values and systematic training, scripting, role playing and supervisor reviews. You will get behind-the-scenes access to never before seen employee orientation videos, daily checklists, monthly reviews, quarterly goal setting and annual company reports. The training system comes in a large binder with 6 CDs and DVDs in addition to the electronic source files in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages format, so that you can easily modify and customize the system to your individual practice. Never before has a system so thoroughly tested to produce maximum results been released to other practices before. Your search for a practice manual ends here. But this is so much more than a practice manual that it defies conventional classification as a manual. These systems and trainings can literally change your practice life forever.

Price: $4,998