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Your Team Will Make or Break Your Practice

How much effort do you put into ensuring that you are hiring the right person for each position in your business? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you may be costing your company in more ways than one. Not having the right people in each position can be a problem. A big problem. One that can impact your customer service, productivity, and your bottom line.

No matter how long someone has had their business, it is never too late to evaluate whether you have the right people in each position. Sure, you may like someone and find them friendly to chat with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at what they do. To run a successful business, you need people who are good at what they do. And you need them in every position within your company.

With Burleson Seminars you you will learn proven systems and strategies from an actual orthodontist. Burleson’s teachings are not theoretical “what if” or “case studies” from consultants who have never picked up a dental handpiece nor have they ever actually built and managed a successful multi-million dollar practice. One of the key areas your practice can experience significant growth is in the area of effective delegation to the best team members.

Effective delegation helps your practice accomplish more, grow, and thrive. But that only works
when you have the right people in each position. Whether you get the help of a talent acquisition
firm or you do all the hiring yourself, it is important to get the right people in each position.
Doing so will save your company money in training and turnover, and you will improve

When it comes to getting the right people hired, consider these tips:

  • Don’t base all of your hiring expectations on experience or education. While those things are important,
    what is more important is one’s attitude and learning abilities. Someone who has a great attitude and is
    eager to learn may prove to be just what your team needs.
  • Ask questions that matter, when you are doing an interview. Forget some of the age-old questions that
    people have formulated responses for. Instead, find unique questions that are formulated off the
    individual. “What leadership positions have you held in the past?” and “What do you do for fun in your
    free time?” are two of my favorite questions.
  • Go with your gut, and never settle for someone who doesn’t seem quite right. If the right person doesn’t
    come through the door, keep searching. There is too much at stake to settle for someone or hire
    someone that your gut instinct says isn’t the right one. 

In my offices, I have a great team who all do their jobs well. But that didn’t just happen, all on its
own. Having an effective team of professionals was a goal, and it was something that I wasn’t
going to compromise. As a result, my office runs efficiently, and we have grown 638% in the last
4 years. You can get the same results. It starts and ends with your team. Hire superstars.