Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Newsletter

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Look over my shoulder each month as I share with you a marketing strategy with example piece that is consistently achieving a 5:1 return on investment or higher in our practices.  Get access to my thought process and positioning of the piece with a video tutorial where I walk you through, step-by-step, how we create the piece, how we test the system, who we use as vendors to maximize results.  This is your monthly marketing “shot in the arm” that will consistently deliver results for your practice when you implement the concepts I teach.

Your entire yearly subscription in this program can be paid for by one idea in just one month’s newsletter.  It’s mandatory reading (audio transcripts included) or video watching (CD-ROM included each month) for my marketing team and it should be for your team as well.  Doctors all over the country are raving about this system.  Each month we get requests for back issues and for geographic exclusivity contracts on the content delivered in the Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Newsletter.  It’s that powerful.  For back issues or geographic exclusivity pricing, please call, click or fax to 800-891-7520, or 866-253-1590, respectively.

As a bonus, Look Over My Shoulder members get access to the monthly newsletter that is sent to my referring doctors.  Your marketing director will have access to use my newsletter as a template to “swipe and deploy” in your own office.  The monthly business article “From the Desk of Dr. Burleson” does require listing me as the author, but every other article can be used for your own monthly doctor newsletter, sent to your referring offices.


New Employee Hiring Sequences, Videos, Job Descriptions, Training Manuals and Workbook

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New Hire Sequences BundleToday’s consumer with spending power has shown a strong predisposition towards better service, memorable experiences or exclusive and limited access to premium options. Bottom line, your patients demand that you become more than just “another orthodontist” to them. Patients who have and are willing to spend money expect exceptional experiences; and it all starts with your team of employees.

How much time are you investing in developing your employees?

Developing your team of employees into rock-star revenue generators and patient-satisfaction gurus is not an accident. Investing in your employees is one of the most lucrative investments you can make in your business. Based on high demand from existing coaching clients and advanced- purchase by many of them, my arm has been twisted and I am pleased to offer the New Employee Hiring and Training Sequences I use in my own practices to build multi-million dollar revenues in 18 months or less, from scratch. Briefly, the system includes:

  • The entire compilation of new employee welcome-sequence automated emails. Stop trying to remember which employment forms need signed when and by whom. Instead, automate the system and get busy being productive. Stop wasting your time trying to figure out which government forms and regulations are going to tie you down today. See how we set it up once and set it on auto-pilot. This one resource is worth the entire investment in the system.
  • Peer over my shoulder with exact copies of the training videos we use in our practice to help new employees train their mindsets on money, the economy, true customer service and what we do as orthodontic specialists. You must be highly skeptical of even the best candidates from your interviews. You have no idea what their parents, siblings, or spouses have put into your new employee’s head about issues that matter to your success. This is critical.
  • Get exclusive access to the check-lists, supervisor evaluations and worksheets that have established our new employee training system the #1 orthodontic training system on the planet for generating massive profit in your practice.

Stop complaining about your results and hire rock stars, train them to produce massive results in your business and finally experience the life-changing freedom of a business that runs on systems with exceptional employees doing the right job in the right position. Yes it is possible. Now is the time.

New Hire Sequences Bundle Mock-Up


Marketing Director Boot Camp

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Train your marketing director and entire team of employees to get into the business of building relationships with patients, parents and referring doctors.  This is an advanced course in how to position your practice correctly in terms of pricing, customer service, advertising and internal marketing.  Ethically grow your practice to better serve your patients, change more lives both through your patients and in your employees as they grow and learn new skills to advance the profession and support the community in which you practice.

With the Marketing Director Boot Camp training, you get access to the DVD recordings of the event plus the workbook and handouts that doctors paid $4,997 each to attend live.  This training should be at the core of any marketing director you hire and should be reviewed at least annually to re-focus the practice and your mindset on the business you are really in:  creating a system where patients are attracted to an office that has their best interest at heart and builds a relationship that brings maximum value to both parties.  Anything else you are learning about marketing is either (A) a waste of your time or (B) a waste of your money.  There is no option C.  Get this training and set the foundation to building the practice of your dreams.


Treatment Coordinator Boot Camp

Price: $7,997 (Customized Full Day Seminar)

For busy cosmetic dental, surgical and orthodontic practices where treatment coordinators perform case presentations, our Treatment Coordinator Training Bootcamp offers a tested system for increasing new patient starts and converting more patients who say “yes!” to treatment.  In these closed-door sessions, Dr. Burleson and Amy Roberts reveal proven techniques for improving patient case presentation and reducing the number of patients who defer or refuse the treatment they need.  In a win-win relationship, your patients will receive the care they need and your practice will increase productivity on the services you provide.

In-depth analysis of your practice statistics begins a review of a two-day live seminar that attendees paid $7,997 to attend.  Through consistent marketing, new patient follow-up, proven presentation techniques and proper positioning, Dr. Burleson provides a complete system for training your current treatment coordinators and those whom you hire in the future.


Dr. Dante Gonzales

Dr. Burleson’s system was unique and powerful. We definitely received every penny in value from this course.

Dr. Dante Gonzales
Dublin CA Orthodontics
Diana C

This was hands-down the best seminar I’ve ever attended in growing our practice.

Diana C
Treatment Coordinator


Dr. Burleson’s Tested Marketing System

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At the request of our clients and doctors from all over the country, we’ve finally unlocked the door to the secrets behind our marketing and referral generation strategies.  Like most of the concepts we teach, they are simple but most doctors fail to implement them or realize their importance.  With step-by-step sequences for new patients, missed appointments, lost patients, and those who are presented treatment but do not return, our system is responsible for exceptional growth in our office production.

Never before have I allowed other doctors to “look over my shoulder” and see first hand the step-by-step process I take to create our marketing campaigns.  Private clients of mine who have received custom marketing plans do so in an area-exclusive territory.  This program is no different.  With strict copyright and limited coverage per geographic area, your ability to use these systems is protected from your competition doing the same.  Frankly, most of your competition doesn’t have what it takes to implement a system like this to begin with, but you can rest assured that your marketing swipe file is only in use by one doctor in your competitive area.  You!


Administrative Systems & Training Workbook

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This system is for doctors, administrators, office managers and front desk employees who want to automate the training process and dramatically increase their front desk productivity.  With over 200 pages of content from Dr. Burleson, you will discover how to build a roadmap for new employees to become “superstars” in your practice using your core values and systematic training, scripting, role playing and supervisor reviews.  You will get behind-the-scenes access to never before seen employee orientation videos, daily checklists, monthly reviews, quarterly goal setting and annual company reports.  The training system comes in a large binder with 6 CDs and DVDs in addition to the electronic source files in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages format, so that you can easily modify and customize the system to your individual practice.  Never before has a system so thoroughly tested to produce maximum results been released to other practices before.  Your search for a practice manual ends here.  But this is so much more than a practice manual that it defies conventional classification as a manual.  These systems and trainings can literally change your practice life forever.


The Burleson Files

Value: priceless :Click here to Visit The Burleson Files

The Burleson Files are the notes, reading lists, articles, journals and general database that Dr. Burleson studies to produce the #1 Orthodontic Practice Marketing Newsletter. Published for hundreds of clients in over 7 countries, Dr. Burleson’s practice management and marketing content is derived from extensive study and dedication to the pertinent news and how it might affect your practice.

Dr. Burleson reads 4 newspapers daily, over 30 journals a month and has read a book each week for years. He publishes four newsletters each month and writes a consistent stream of articles and books for the orthodontic profession and patients. His exclusive content has been delivered to live audiences over 2,000 and his marketing campaigns have generated over $300 million for orthodontic practices all over the world.

Burleson Seminars coaching clients enjoy the benefit of the Burleson Files each month in territory-exclusive private consulting and proprietary marketing systems. Here you get a glimpse inside the world of Burleson Seminars and specifically what Dr. Burleson is reading to grow one of the largest orthodontic specialty practices in North America and one of the fastest-growing orthodontic consulting firms on the planet.



New Patient Conversion Strategies

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This step-by-step tutorial by Dr. Burleson gives your doctors and treatment coordinators behind-the-scenes access to one of my private coaching sessions with several large group practices and the strategies we share to ethically get more patients to say yes and skyrocket your conversion rate. This product is a great pre-event exercise for your treatment coordinators attending our live TC Boot Camps. Without a fundamental understanding of the strategies presented in this exclusive product, your practice is doomed to repeat the national average of 55% of orthodontic patients saying yes to treatment. Discover the strategies we use to consistently achieve 90% or more of our new patients saying “Yes!” to treatment.


Practice Letters, Handouts & Communications Swipe File

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A complete collection of letters and handouts used inside our practice management software for communication with patients, parents and referring doctors. These are exact copies and copyright-free digital source files you can use in your own practice.  Get the letters, educational handouts, forms, legal documents and note cards I use to build my orthodontic & pediatric dental practices quickly.  You’ll receive a printed copy of each letter, handout, form and resource plus the digital source files in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF for quick customization and implementation in your office.


Instant Cash Flow Surge System

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This is our #1 new client introductory system with examples and copyright-free templates that will boost your cash flow in 21 days or less.  You get access to the best example and templates after testing over 3 million pieces of direct mail and millions spent in marketing and practice positioning campaigns.  See our best examples for reactivating your pending list, internal marketing strategies, how to accurately set your fees and help start more new patients on the same day as their initial consultation.  You’ll receive copyright-free examples and templates for my email welcome sequences to new patients, direct mail reactivation campaigns to patients who have not returned to your office to complete their treatment and my outbound sales call scrips that have earned millions in revenue and helped more families achieve spectacular smiles who otherwise never thought they could afford braces.  If you’re serious about taking your practice to the next level or you just want to boost your cash flow so that you can focus on other areas of practice growth, this is the #1 resource you need to have on your shelf today.

cash flow surge

12 Power Phrases

Price: $997 : Click here to order

My 12 short but highly-effective phrases you can learn today and teach your treatment coordinator and employees to help ethically attract more of the right patients to your practice and get them to say YES to the treatment they need without delay.  This program is easy to implement and extremely powerful.  If you told me I could no longer use this powerful and ethically persuasive communications package in my practice, I would close the doors forever.  That’s how powerful the 12 Power Phrases are.  These belong not only on your shelf and in your employee training manual but committed to memory before you let a single patient walk out the door and “think about” the treatment you’ve recommended or “talk it over with dad.”

Power Phrases Binder Mock Up Small

The Burleson Rule

Price: $997 : Click here to order

The Burleson Rule Book is the core values “bible” and clinical training book used in my practices for step-by-step setting of expectations and demonstration to new employees, partners and associates exactly what it takes to succeed in your practice.  With detailed clinical parameters for diagnosis and treatment of each type of orthodontic malocclusion your employees and associates will encounter in your practice, you get to build a sustainable asset in your office when you build and implement a system like this. The Burleson Rule provides a printed example of our rule book plus digital source files so that you can customize the content to fit your practice:  Core Vales, How to Build a Great Practice, How to Improve Your Orthodontic Skills, How to Rise to the Top and How to Use the Clinical Guide with detailed step-by-step instructions for how we diagnose and treat: Class I Crowding in Phase One, Adolescent Non-Extraction, Adolescent Extraction, and Adult Treatment; Class II Division 1 in Phase One, Adolescent Non-extraction, Adolescent Extraction, Adult Extraction, Adult Orthognathic Surgery; Class II Division 2, Adolescent and Adult; Class III Phase One, Adolescent, Adult Orthognathic Surgery cases.

book image

Day with Dustin

Price: $1,297 : Click here to order

Dustin Reveals All of His Best Strategies for Increasing New Patient Conversion, Providing Superior Customer Service, Leadership & Accountability Inside Your Orthodontic or Pediatric Dental Practice.  With the Day with Dustin, you get: Live & Recorded Complete DVDs from the Day with Dustin, Live & Recorded Day with Dustin Complete Audio CDs, Day with Dustin Workbook and handouts from the LIVE Event where Doctors Paid over $4,000 Each to Attend.



The orthoMBA Program

Price: $2,998 : Click here to order

The 7 week training with Dustin Burleson is the world’s #1 orthodontic business, management, leadership and marketing training for orthodontists.  This intensive program addresses each of the 7 reasons why orthodontic practices are not producing what they should & what to do about it right now in this economy before it’s too late.  With convenient evening hours for the live trainings, recording and transcripts of each session in the event that you miss one of the courses and group homework for your key employees, this has transformed hundreds of practices throughout the globe.  New groups open up throughout the year for optimal class size of 27 doctors per group.  If the order page above is not actively accepting new students, please call (800) 891-7520 and ask to speak with one of our Business Growth Specialists for the next enrollment period.



Private Coaching with Dr. Burleson and The Mastermind Group

By invitation only. Starting at $34,997

Send a fax to Ashley Barnholdt at (866) 253-1590 or email for Application Instructions.