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7 Keys to Productive Team Meetings

When was the last time you had a truly productive team meeting in your orthodontic practice? Have you stopped holding regular meetings because nothing ever seems to change?

Through comprehensive study of the most successful companies on the planet and how they embrace team meetings in order to quickly clarify miscommunication and realign the entire company on the same page so that their front-line employees can produce results for the customer, Dr. Dustin Burleson has distilled 7 Keys to Productive Team Meetings in this special report.

Inside this Burleson Seminars white paper, you’ll discover practical templates and take-aways from business management leadership and research produced by Cameron Herold, Ken Blanchard, Dr. Paul Hersey, and Verne Harnish so that you can transform your team meetings from mediocre to one of the most valuable elements of your practice.

Click here to download the white paper on holding more productive team meetings in your practice.

Keys to Productive Meetings